Architectural Building restoration
Fire/smoke damage
Graffiti Removal
Monument Restoration
Remedal Work
Mould Removal
Strip Swimming Pools
Environment Friendly
What a Stripper!
Remove years of dirt, paint, tar etc. from stone, brick, sandstone with lime morter, Oak Beams etc..
Patio Sets & Garden Chairs to Fire Recovery
Your Castle Needs Cleaning
Situated in Northern Ireland in an ample and highly improved demesne, about a quarter-mile to the east of the former mansion, which was built on the site of the castle originally erected by Sir A. Acheson in 1617.

The 4th Earl was forced to sell the Castle's contents in 1921 and, during the Second World War, it was commandeered and used as prisoner-of-war camp. Following the War the Gosfords sold the estate and, eventually, it was acquired by the Forestry Commission. It was, for periods, occupied as a hotel, barracks and restaurant.

Recently sold for 1, with the condition that the Castle be fully restored.
Gosford Castle
Soda Blasts Beams
Remove Paint from Walls & Fire Grates Too
Fire smoke damage
Soda blasting breaks down hydrocarbons, which makes it highly suitable for fire restoration, cleaning engines, engine parts and similar.
The non-flammable properties of sodium bicarbonate allow it to be used for cleaning in the petroleum industry where other methods cannot be used. Likewise, its non-toxic properties mean that it can be used in food-processing and similar areas.

Uses no chemicals
Gentle non-abrasive cleaning action
Little or no spent media to clean away
Simple one-step operation
No more time-consuming solvent cleaning or sanding

Easy and safe to use..
No special safety-wear required
Low-pressure system

And there's more ..
Soda is a natural deodorizer so it also removes the smell of burning too.
The advantages...
Fires in the UK cost in excess of 1,000 million each year, this is purely the direct material cost, a third of these are in excess of 50,000.
Remove Graffiti don't just spread it around
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Paint Stripping Technology
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