With CompAir's Headquarters only minutes away from Soda-Blast-Systems (UK), it was a natural choice to develop a working relationship.

CompAir's engineers were able to accommodate us with our exacting requirements for mobile units, that were capable of delivering good quality compressed air at a higher pressure of 10 bar (150 psi) consistently.

Their option of an intercooled re-heat system is ideally suited to the needs of the soda. The C35-10 is precisely matched to our SB150 making it the ideal companion for the under 3.5t GVW combined trailer / van TACHOGRAPH legislation.
The Van is fitted with an integrated driveline/compressor unit mounted under the floor of a rear wheel driven vehicle. This compact system delivers an air volume of 70 cfm (2 m3) at a pressure of 150 psi (10 bar).
Van Mounted Under floor Air Compresor
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